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what would you stock your own syndicate with?


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Wouldnt you need a predator or 2? Otherwise they could get stunted and any dead ones would affect the PH


Predators like pike etc are not going to eat a rotting carp. Not will a rotting fish in 10 acres of water make a dent in the nitrate levels. If you have more than 1 rotting fish, you have other problems! Pike will keep levels of smaller fish under controll, but they add massively to the bio load of the water if in large numbers.

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bream really i hate snotters

about 10 years ago I caught a 12lb bream at about 3am, weighed it but, I was so annoyed as it had took about 8 casts to get where I wanted, I didnt realise how big that was, a pb, landed it in 3 seconds, not a bad bream.


In my syndicate I would have to have a mix though, the odd surprise, one fat 30lb pike to keep the littluns down

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16 carp weighing 40lb 

30 carp up to 35lb

140 carp up to 25lb

180 carp up to 20lb

300 carp up to 15lb

500 bream up to 10lb

300 tench up to 12lb

not only would this cost a fortune ,but the biomass would be far to big and all the fish you had just paid a shed load of money for would lose condition and weight sharpish.


Think I would go down milky's root :wink:

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To be honest milky I think your correct in saying that , what some fish are immune to others won't be, which to me is another good reason for getting the mixed blood lines in early and they can grow there immunity together.

And also you don't have the risk of having to add a different strain of carp decades on when your stock are far more valuable to you and great big stunners.... what do you think ?

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