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Guest Swamptrout

I enjoyed the video good stuff. You mentioned baiting several times is that the same as berley? As I haven't fished NSW waters for many many years I'm not up with the regs. I know you can now release carp in NSW, And I have noticed you use 3 rods (good setups), in Victoria we can only use 2 rods in freshwater.Wish they would make 1 set of regs to cover every state it would make things easier.   

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Thanks for the feedback on the video, its much appreciated.


Just putting bait in to try and create a feeding area, I tend to either use Tigernuts or BNV boilies, the whole idea of the boilies is to build a feeding response and then due to the boilies makeup attract fish by supplying a good balanced foodsource so that they start searching out the bait.


The beauty of having kids and wife who come fishing with you is that they can offer the chance of extra rods :wink:  Catch and release is perfectly legal in NSW, and thankfully a growing number of anglers Australia wide are starting to see the draconian laws regarding carp for what they are , pointless and unenforceable. Man has causes more damage to the waterways than all the carp in Australia have since their introduction. 

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