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PVA bags


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How long is a piece of string :wink:


Seriously, it is all down to personal preference, the fishing situation and what you feel confident with; the same as any other bait presentation.


If you are confident that you are on the fish and feel that you should have had a bite, reel in and put a new bag out.


There are no hard and fast rules and every lake is different.


Does the water have specific feeding times (ie times when the fish are known to bite: dawn / dusk / lunchtime)? - You could make sure you stick out a new bag an hour before known feeding times.


Is the water a known runs water? - Set yourself a limit of three or four hours for changing a bag.



It really is down to your own personal preference, and the more you fish the lake and learn / understand the idiosyncrasies of the water, the more you can refine and tailor your approach.

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Hi all


Just started to ues pva solid bags as the lake i fish is just ramed with weed.

i can make up the bags ok but how long o you leave the out for before you recast a new pva bag out?

As Dal says, how long do you think the bait needs to be out there for?


Every situation is different, if you feel the cast didn't land right, or in the wrong spot, then reel in and recast.


If you feel you should have had action, but didn't, then reel in and redo it.



Sometimes it can be better just to leave it, you will have to work it out for your lake.

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Personally if fishing in heavy weed I wouldn't want to leave it out more than a few hours , you can never be sure on what is going on with any part of the end tackle , to many chances of things being wrong for my liking .

That would be my view. Nothing more disheartening than windiing in after four hours to see a tangled mess and your hookbait wrapped around the lead! Weed can do some funny things to rigs.

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