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Bobbins / Bite Indicators!

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I have the delkim nitelite pros, stows, and the taska rizalite maxi :oops:


I used the taskas for the first time over the weekend, and found that a bog standard starlite 25mm x 3mm fits lovely inside for night use, these you can buy for pennies and are much brighter than isotopes.

Jay will those starlites fit in Stows ?

One of the 'topes went a long time ago but i refuse to pay £12 EACH for new ones .


Knowing uncle Danny i guess the answers no :(

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Thought as much :)

hey mr newmarket, just been tinkering in my NEW WORKSHOP :wink: making some suspender floats and had an epiphany (no it wasn't painful).

maybe a reasonably cheap way of solving your problem? sorry about state of photos :wink:


take one #10 swivel, one Korda shok bead and one 30mm isotope (color optional)




cut the ring on one end of the swivel and open like so




thread some very strong line (25lb or above) down thru bead, then the uncut swivel ring and back up thru bead, lube well with mouth oil and draw the swivel into the bead till centre pops thru.




lube the tip of the isotope and insert into shok bead (its a good fit)




add a rig clip and clip to the chain next to your bobbin. repeat three times and there you go.

isotopes can be replaced as required.


funny the things that go thru your head when your bored :lol: :lol:


ps if you decide to use it let me know how you get on, a patent might be forth coming :lol: :lol:

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Settled on the Taska Rizalite maxi i will let you all know what i think to them once iv used them a bit!

Quite like the look of them actually . Quite similar to the Stows what with the line clip .


I shall be interested in your review .



They all pretty much do the same job though :wink:

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I had a pair of these with a standard body but changed to a 4inch chain,these are great as you can change EVERYTHING on them,fully recommend, I've got solar hangers now, I only got these as they were in a prentation set, 6 bodies, 3 chains,3 mini swing arms and 3 quiver loc arms, pozzi boss set I think, just being a tackle t a r t!! :)

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Anyone on here tried the Fox Slik Clip bobbins? Been thinking of swapping out my Korda Stows for these now I am going up to 3 rods, one of the reasons being that I have had a couple of the Korda stows warp so that the clip will no longer grip the line (sent one back and received a replacement) and the other being that for the 20 quid for a complete stow set from korda I can get two of the slik clips from fox.


However I have not had a chance to play with them yet and have read a couple of things on them being cheap and the adjustable head being easy to break, this may come down to improper use or heavy handedness though and just wondered if anyone has had any experience with them?


Also the fact they come in orange is a big bonus for me... but that is just down to my obsession with anything orange.

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