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If you could choose any 2 rigs


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Hey guys / girls

Thought I may start a random discussion about what (2max) rigs would you choose if you had to pick only 2 to ever use again. Can't be the simple hair rig as let's face it, it's up there with any rig. For me it has to be both the KD rig and the blow back rig. I just love how the KD positions itself and how it presents itself when tied / balanced correctly. The blow back rig almost always corrects its self when spat out by the fish and a excellent presentation with either balances bottom or pop up baits. These are two iv had a lot of fish landed with this year so far. I'm a bit of a rig experimenter, always trying new thing but these have my vote.

Be great to hear your choice


Tight lines peeps =)

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Cos the terms of the thread dictate that im not allowed to name the rig i use for 90% of my carping :wink: , it'll have to be the KD for my weighted down pop ups and the choddie cos i know that if i have to i can sling it out and im fishing regardless.


Despite what some would say :)

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The rigs I use now, as I tie them, a plain basic hair rig and my sliding ring rig.


The sliding ring rig is good for snowman baits, and the plain basic hair covers the rest of my fishing. At the moment it is very rare I use pop-ups, so I have no need to faff about with rigs.


You can change almost any rig to the n'th degree, by length of hooklink, the material it is tied from, and the length of the hair.

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