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How to use frozen baits properly and benefits between using shelf life

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Ok so here goes, I am not sure what benefits there are of using frozen baits over shelf life


So my other question is how do you prepare frozen baits properly


I want to use mainline cell but not sure how to use it properly in terms of preparing them in large volumes


I have also found a shelf life from Catcher Baits BS1 which they have stayed well oiled since I've had them a couple of months


I've found with the with the air drying that this seems to take away the nutrients or the moisture out of them


Any advice

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I can tell you how I use maineline kit but it's not the gospel.
I like to keep mine frozen until I get to my swim, the first ones I use are still frozen. I take them in a tub and leave the lid off for a bit and let the air get to them, but not so they dry out and go hard, I will drain any fluid that comes off the defrost and move them about in the tub to keep them in an even state.
Seem to be ok for up to three days, if you are there for longer than that, you will need to air dry them, or they go a bit ripe.

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A tip I'm pretty sure I picked up on here was that during the process of thawing the baits will soak up any moisture around them due to having some moisture removed in the freezing process. This removal of moisture can show as freezer burn. There are a few threads on how to protect boilies from this.


Anyway if you add an attractant to the bag your carrying the boilies in they will draw the attractant in. You may want to be careful what you add but I believe from someone elses advice that swimstim acts as a preservative but csl may speed up the breakdown of fish meals.


I stand to be corrected on the above especially how liquids may preserve or speed up breakdown of a boilie.


A few searches on those may help you get a little more info.

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