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Air Drying

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I have just bought my first 2.5kg of mainline cell freezer baits (they were not frozen when they reached me just to add lol)


I left them in a bucket and they started to turn white, so I have now put them into an air dry bag and hung them up


They have all started to turn white, is this the salt coming out?


Can anyone explain the correct way / process for using frozen boilies?



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lots of posts, quite recently too of this exact topic. Ill try find some in a second. Turning white is either mould (bad) or the sugar coming out (good/bad/maybe brilliant)


Some baits are even better when they just start to turn white, some its the kill of death. If its mould though, they need to be binned. When are you fishing, and why did you not freeze them?

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it could just be the enzymes coming out? to airdry you need to hang them in a proper bag or on a large tray, keep turning them so the ones in the middle get the air to them as well, if you dont turn them the ones in the middle will go mouldy and the ones on the outside will turn where there is no air getting the parts of them

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