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Favourite bait smell ?


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I'm sure we've all walked around tackle shops opening tubs of pop ups and sniffing away like the boilie junkies we are  :mrgreen:


I've definitely got a sweet tooth for bait, i mean who in their right mind could like those stinking fishy squid combos  :idea:


So best smell out there ?


Toughie, original tutti must be up there, and pineapple too, live system as well,  but i've just discovered the dynamite red amo..


oh my lord, what a smell, i'm in love, do they make aftershave in this  :mrgreen: I want to be buried with a bag  :mrgreen:



Over to you.

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Live system or scopex!! Why do bait shops all have the same smell?? And why do Ford's all smell the same? ! ?


On the other hand. Worst smell recently is ccmoore soaked halibut sticks..... (I think they're called sticks cause the stench stowmarketcks to everything!!) Although, I've not encountered a bottle of bryric acid yet though!!!

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What about rolling your own?



It is something I have been considering, but could turn into a expensive and time consuming mistake, I’d go with the Mainline Grange if I make my own, seems easy enough when you read the instructions.

Its cooking them in the kitchen that could be a problem, having a burco boiler in the back yard would be good.


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If you don't mind me asking, do you use their boilies? I'm looking for something a bit different to the shop stock freezer baits.


No, i just stumbled across their site looking for chocolate orange  :mrgreen:


My last buy was from eclipse baits,  on their site go to eurostar/create your own.


you create the recipe, they roll it for you.


£55 for 10kg posted.


done ok with mine so far  :wink:

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The coconut boilies my mate rolls for me smell superb. When I first got them, my Missus nicked half a dozen and put them in a little pot in the front room as air fresheners they were that nice!! I have often been tempted to have a nibble on them but stop myself just in time.

He also makes some crab boilies that smell like a rancid pair of damp socks that have been sitting in the bottom of your tackle bag for 6 months. They are vile, I don't think I've smelt anything quite as bad, but the fish seem to like them. The Missus isn't happy when I bring a bag of those home.... :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

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