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New Mono or new Fluro ?

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Never used FLURO MAINLINE always a mono guy using Daiwa Sensor 12lb


Many people are going to fluro for the sinking properties, so my question is should I change ?


If so what BS and anything to look out for, I am aware its not good for long casting, but I tend to fish 50 to 90 yds max most places


Also what make would you suggest but not the most costly ( Tiger )


I like the sinking benefit more than anything

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I've got fluorocarbon mainline at the moment mr adders ,.


Yes it sinks very well and very quickly , i cant see it in the margins at all (albeit my eyesights not the best), and i recently caught my new pb using it AND it has next to no stretch so its more fun playing a fish once its hooked...


However ;


Its a nightmare to work with , especially at first though it gets easier , it needs constant maintenance with line conditioner ,is wiry and sometimes appear to have a life of its own .

I dont feel that it has improved my catch rate overall .


I'm going to stick with it through the winter but i have a spool of pro-carp thats going on in april....


Plenty of threads to read re mainlines on here adders matey :lol:

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Thats what its all about mate , confidence. I'd read all this and that about fluorocarbon about how great it is etc and , dont get me wrong , at £70 a spool , tiger line might be a completely different ball game but i would say that fluorocarbon in general is not all its cracked up to be .

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Some very good advice.


I changed to the fox fluro a couple of years ago and struggled with it for all the reasons mentioned above. I changed back to a mono fairly quickly and haven't looked back since although I am a bit grieved with the £60 odd quid wasted but she doesn't know that!. :lol:

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