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What is your newest purchase


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Following my Spod/Marker thread earlier in the week i've been monitoring the 'bay'.


Ended up buying a Mitchell Avocarp 700 reel loaded with floating braid used once £32 .


Also , an Xplode Bait Delivery System and an Avid Marker Float kit including 2 feature finding leads.


Well pleased :)

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I have not brought any major tackle items for a while and having a clear out and selling a load of tackle that was not getting used I have had a bit of a spend up!!


Cyprinus magnatex brolly system


Nash airframe ss4


bison carbon x pod and carbon sticks


Nash trax barrow


Cybershot throwing stick


Ridge monkey


lots of terminal bits


and finally restocked the freezer with 50k of bait from ABS


Wallet is hurting now after a bit of a hammering!!

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Small fox bolt bubbles, zig/floater hook length and floating mainline.

As I am either going to be using bait bands or glue to hold the hook bait, would you still tie the hook on with a knotless knot or would a palomar be ok, as I don't know what to do with the hair end of the knotless knot as I won't be using it.

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Went with the palomar, worked ok had two small fish on and lost both  :oops: not bad though for a few hours in the evening

Unlucky, bet it set the pulse racing when they slurped the bait down, make sure the bait is keeping the hook straight and is as tight to the shank as possible might get a better hook hold 

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Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel 533

2 x spools of Sufix braid 15lb and 25lb

Korda IQ2 Fluorocarbon 15lb

Korda Kable leadcore 7m/50lb

1KG of worms... I got a lot more than I expected and now I have to build a wormery/farm for them lol.

15KG of vitalin

2 x ball rod rests/grips

Gardner self-cocking suspender

A few more bits coming in the mail, but can't remember all of what I ordered lol


Can't wait to try out the gardner float this weekend!

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Can't wait to try out the gardner float this weekend!

Yep they are quite impressive considering they are not small .

My first thought were that they might be a bit close to the hookbait and would spook the fish but that doesnt happen im pleased to say .











Just dont use the Leadcore with it :) :) :)

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