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On 04/03/2021 at 14:17, Highy said:

If I was to take my line off the old spools, could I soak the old spool with the line on and wind it on the new spools? Like you would with new line? 

Reels came this morning, took line off old reels onto new ones, but it looks like there is slightly more line layed at top of the spools than the rest of spool. 

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Just now, Carpmaster said:

Put a washer on the spindle like sonik supply with there reels it should lay level highly

Yah, seen them, but was 1 already on, so may need take it off when I go to Spin Doctor the lines next... Its not that noticeable, but I noticed so I think others will. 

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On 04/03/2021 at 12:34, bluelabel said:

The discs are mounted on the hub and the caliper is fixed to the fork leg.... the single seat is my choice... I was going to get the wife insured on it as she has a full bike licence too but she decided not to go with it... my Thunderbird Sport only had a single seat anyway...😉

Hello Blue

I've just watched Last Of The Summer Wine , and Wally Batty had a Sidecar for Nora 🤫


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2 hours ago, framey said:

Great books those 



3x 6 foot sonik extractor rods and the extractor recon net 

ready for the next couple of weeks 

I'm looking at a little setup for the lad when he comes with me, 1 rod setup, was looking at the extractors too. 

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6 hours ago, Carpmaster said:

Nice a lot of heritage in that little lake enjoy it mucka 

Only 30years since I was there last... 


3 hours ago, elmoputney said:

Trip of a lifetime Nick Enjoy 


3 hours ago, ouchthathurt said:

Lucky man nick! 

And the fact it is the 3 of us as close friends

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15 hours ago, salokcinnodrog said:

A week on Redmire. My mate managed to get through last week so the 3 of us have the last week in September 

Fantastic Nick.

A brilliant time of year too (my fave in fact).

It will be good to see how the new stock is doing. I've not heard much about the place since it was renovated by Skeff.

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