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What is your newest purchase


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took the wife out for her b/day last week, as we walked out of the hotel room to go restaurant i looked at her and thought ooh nice dress, must be new, then as i admired her from the rear and casting my eyes downward from the new danglies on her ears i ended up thinking 'wow! aint seen them boots before, now they look nice'.

we went out last night for my sons 11th b/day and once again i found myself casting a husbandly eye over her choice of apparel and once again i was intrigued by the nice chunky roll neck jumper that she was sporting, also the skinny denims were looking decidedly newish, upon holding what i thought looked like a new coat for her to slip into  i also noticed that the ankle boots from last week had been shelved for a shiny black pair.





i feel a shop coming on :wink::lol:

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2" memory foam mattress topper (the 3" I bought before is too thick to close the bedchair up)

NGT Large Deluxe Padded bed chair bag

Some size 8 double ring swivels

40mm x 5mm strong eyebolt ring magnets ( bivvy hooks)

Mountain Warehouse fleece.


Therapy complete.


go on, i will bite.

eyebolt ring magnets?? how are they going to work then.

i hope you got the neodymium ones bud :wink:

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You should be able to find me, I've got a flouro yellow bivvy, and I'll be wearing my usual white boiler suit, with morris dancing bells attached to the knees. And I.ve got a shot gun, it's a good way of getting rid of the coots but without scaring the fish. They don't know the shot gun is there as its cammo.

Same in my day glo tent withl my surround sound going fosters in the cooler . Bbq going .


Wearing a mankini with a sign round my neck saying leave me alone.


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