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Tiger nut storage


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I too, like tigers when they are well fermented and covered in slime / jelly.

I rarely use them nowadays but a few days in the shed should have them fermenting nicely.



I once had some tigers in a glug pot of talin and they lasted for a couple of years. That was until I left them in my tackle bag during a heat wave and they went a bit too far. I'm talking WMD!


I noticed that the pot was a bit swollen and after unscrewing the lid a quarter of a turn... BOOM!! It went off like a tiger nut grenade, covering me and my kitchen in the most foul smelling liquid you could ever imagine. Even after re-decorating I could still get a whiff of it now and then. :lol:

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iv had tigers covered in salt water last forever.but without salt theyve only lasted a week or so


i recently soaked some in diluted marmite,they were in a sealed jar about week before i remembered, i noticed the lid bulging but didnt think quick enough ...the same as HNV...BOOM everywhere :lol: though mine smelt like beer, i came close a few times to having a taste but couldnt to it :lol:

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