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re hydrating air dried baits


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i usually always take more bait than i put in and end up having some left over for the next session. i normally leeve the spare bait in a bucket for a week before using them again, could i re hydrate them with an oil, if so does it matter which oil ie sun flower, olive oil?

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Oils as a glug can be awesome. Use sparingly tough as only a little is needed.


Your original question referred to air drying to prevent wastage and rehydrating. If the main reason for air drying is economy (it is with me) then it is not essential to rehydrate at all.


Although using attractors such as oils, hemp juice, etc, to rehydrate baits is a very successful tactic, you can just use the dried baits as they are. After a few minutes they rehydrate in the lake water and are identical to the same fresh baits.

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Would repeating the air drying then rehydration process with your chosen 'glug' a few times increase the potency of the boilie or make zero difference then doing it just the once?


I seem to remember Brian Skoyles writing about drying-rehydrating-drying-rehydrating and reckoned he had some very good results doing it.


I don't bother with re-hydrating baits at all after air drying, unless they are going in as freebies in my spod mix or groundbait.


My reasoning is that carp have pharyngeal teeth that can crush mussels, therefore a rock hard boilie isn't that hard compared to them. Also the air dried baits can take on water faster than standard frozen, and may end up softer than frozen baits, or they may even explode due to the water ingress.

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