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Which mainline should I get!

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Hi Guys,


I am looking for a good mainline to use.


I have mainly used Daiwa sensor, 10lb to light, 15lb okay for what i have used it for but i find it far too stetchy and doesnt sink all that great.


I have tried Yo-zuri hybrid line in 12lb, used it once and had it snap off 3x just on casting! didnt get on with it at all!


Just tried the fox illusion xs 15lb and didnt get on with that either! fished a quite weedy, snaggy lake and after a few casts it was falling to bits literally!


I want a line that doesnt cost the earth (tiger line) has minimal stretch and sinks well and is preferably fairly supple.


does such a line exist!


I have heard a lot of good things about gardener gt80 gr60 etc, i'm not sure what the difference is between the 2 mind.


I have also seen some people mention P-line? however im not sure what this is or what it stands for?


What do you guys use and would recommend?

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Myself personally use Xline its a fluorocarbon so sinks like a brick. Its ok for short distances but if you got to do long range casts forget it. Line twist can also be an issue but ive not suffered that. You also have to remeber to clean line after every session I just reel in through a none scented baby wipe that does the job.


I have also used subline in the past but soon took it of as it cost me 2 good fish due to weak knot strength however I was informed it was a bad batch but the damaged was done and I had lost confidence in it.

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I had been using Daiwa Sensor up until recently but I've now respooled with Shimano Technium Black.

A bit more expensive but line lay is much better and casting seems a lot smoother. And it knots a lot better.

Using 10lb and have purchased some 15lb too. Not quite as low diameter as the Sensor but I'm happier with it.

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Subline seems to be one of those lines that people either get on fine with or have a multitude of problems. Not used it myself though.


I love Sensor in 12lb, its cheap, robust and behaves it'self. I cant say ive ever had it suddenly break or anything like that.


I also love GR60, seriously tough stuff but again its never given way unexpectedly. In fact.....I once had a belting run that caused overspin on the baitrunner, the line (GR60) wrapped around the head of a fox micron like a lasso. Mr carp kept on charging and the line actualy cut right through the Fox micron casing lol.


I still landed the fish after untangling the mess and dispite being crinkly, the line stood up. All happened in the blink of an eye I might add.


A good while back I decided to not jump on the latest and greatest lines, but to stick to proven makes, even if they happen to be a bit thicker or just "old hat".



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Yes I get what you mean about stick to proven ones!


I just feel that sensor stretched an awful lot and thought there must be somenthing out there that will suit me for what I want so I guess its a case of trial and error untill you find the one your happy with!


Problem is as with most things nowadays there is far to many options, products and selections!


Tight lines!

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For years I have used Daiwa Sensor brown with no problems. If it broke it was my fault, usually a fish snagging me up, and the knot (my knot) breaking at the swivel join leaving the fish trailing just a rig.


However for the past couple of years after being given some Gardner Pro-Carp in 15lb to try, I'm sold on that.


It has a better diameter for casting than Sensor and for that diameter a better breaking strain.


I'm sure if you have a dig around using the search you may find a thread I started all about Pro-Carp and how I tested it

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Got some new reels so took the opportunity to try a new line.

I've used Sensor for years on and off (occasionally tried others) but following a recommendation I got some Pro Clear.


Only used it today for a short session, but so far am impressed. Sinks well, not springy at all, comes off the reel really nicely and knots well.

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