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Same rods.

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Bear with me a minute please, I come from a sea fishing background and I'm new on the carping circuit. Once in a while I would see a beach fisherman with a pair of rods, both the same. But generally speaking it seems to me that the more successful guys would have mixed weapons out and maybe at different distances from the shore.Boat fisherman will have a trolling rod and a longer uptide rod for casting. Why then the adverts to buy 2 or 3 rods exact same make and test curve for carping? Do you do it or do you like a mix of what you cast out?

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All of my rods and reels match, i suppose in an ideal world you would have all different test curves to suit every situation. All of my rods are 3.25 tc, to be honest i don't have the luxury of affording different rods, plus one week i could be fishing a small water the next i might venture onto a big pit, you never know what life is going to throw your way, so i bought the largest test curve i could afford at the time to cover long range fishing should i ever come across a large water. I know a lot have speculated over why would you have three sets of snag bars on my buzzers, what's the point of having the bars on the middle rods. People talking idea kit for and ideal situation, you know what, i enjoy having my rods, reels, snag bars, and everything else matching, i have worked hard to buy the gear i like so why shouldn't i have what i like and not something that other people would prefer to have. That's their choice not mine. I still use a pod, some say using bank sticks and pointing your rods to where your fishing is the only way forward, i happen to like the way a pod keeps everything together neat and tidy in the swim. I am one of those anglers who like's everything neat and tidy, i even level the buzz bars, not because i need to but because i like it, i have camo netting over my bivvy, again not because i need to but because i like it. I earn the money so i am going to spend it on what i like not on the ideals of others.

Sorry what started off on a simple reply has ended up in me having a little bit of a rant lol, sorry fella, this is in no way aimed at you, lol in answer to your question buy the hell what you want, if you think you may only ever fish small waters then buy smaller test curve rods, if you feel happy with having different test curve rods, do it, the only person it is going to have an affect on is you at the end of the day, buy what you like and most of all enjoy your time on the bank. :)

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Guest Anonymous

I can only speak for myself, the reason I use the same rods is due to fishing the same rig on each rod and the same bait.

I have just returned home from a few days fishing, I only had one rod with me, due to me being a donkey, I had one fish out, lost another at the net and three missed runs, the whole time I was kicking myself for not having another identical set up in the water, which would of increased my catch rate, as I fish boilies as hook bait and loose feed. When you have a heard of Carp picking up single baits from your swim having two or three hook baits in your swim means more takes, hopefully.

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It must be an idiosyncrasy of carp angling.


When I buy sea fishing gear I don't look at brands or colours etc I just buy what is the right tool for the job and often fish with different length rods, fixed spool reels and multis. My tackle box is an old ice cream tub and luggage is a £20 rucksack from Sportsdirect


When carping I use three identical rods and reels and everything has to match (greens and browns). Tackle is neatly organised in a green tackle box and luggage is always fishing brand stuff


Living where I do now, I go carp fishing much less than sea fishing but would still spend more on a new rod/reel for carping than I would for sea fishing.


Help me. :oops:

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All very well for you lot but I simply CANNOT AFFORD to spend much on tackle because I am semi-retired. I prefer to spend my money on travelling to the right place.

I have 3 pairs of rods 2.50 to 3.25 so the best I can do in a 3-rod situation is 2 and 1 but then that might be a good strategy. For example I might have 2 rods at 100 yards and a soft rod in or in the margins. Makes sense?

My tackle box is a right mess, a haven't cleared it out for years. I'll have a lot to answer for up at those Pearly Gates. Perhaps the Good Angel Clarissa is waiting to give me an ear-ole bashing.


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