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how to make tiger nut flour

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google doesnt gind?



However it knows lots of places to buy grinders from! :wink:


+1 on the idea of just buying the flour ready done. I doubt the price difference between the nuts and the flour would justify the cost of buying something to grind it yourself, and the time, and the fact that no grinder you buy, short of pro spec, would do a good enough job. Pestle and mortar maybe. :)

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iv been trying to do this recently :evil:


couldnt do it in food blender without add liquid and i didnt want porridge ...the only way iv managed powder is with a boilie crusher, and by adding a few fry nuts at a time and do this 3-4 times till getting full, i could get a bout a 3rd trapped in the groves of crusher that once sieved was what i was after, the rest went in another bucket .........hard hard work tho on your hands and im not so keen on doing the rest.


i have had a quick look on net , im not sure in blenders are the way to go,but 1 or 2 have said they do nuts, but i think a coffee grinder maybe a better way????

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