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The SANDS auction is now open.



The auction will end on Friday the 30th of August 2013 at 10pm

It has been decided that these prizes would be better going on an auction rather than a raffle as the people bidding for the prizes would be more inclined to actually go to the venues.

Highest bid wins, any bids made after the deadline will not be counted.

Once you have won the bid i will either notify or send the goods on receipt of payment.


Good luck everyone


Item 1

Is a weeks fishing for two anglers at Rushes Lake,


Can i just give Kim a massive thank you for this donation.


Item 2

Are two 48 hour tickets, both for 3 rods, for one of the day ticket waters at Linear Fisheries.


A big thank you to Chris Blunt for those


Item 3

A weekends fishing for one angler at either Orchid or the Club Lake


A big thank you to Marsh Pratley


Item 4

48 hours fishing for one angler at Cromwell Lake


A big thank you to Helen and Nathan


Item 5

48 hours fishing for one angler at Horseshoe Lake


A big thank you to Miles for this one


Item 6

36 hours fishing for one angler at the Monument


A big thank you to Alex for this one


Just simply put down the item number followed by your bid on here fella's.


As you all can appreciate i am running the charity events on two forums. Its not a problem for the raffle or the social, but the auction will be a bit of a pain to keep track of. So what i will do is, if anyone bids on the other forum i will let you know on here and vice versa. I hope everyone is in agreement with this.


Good luck :D

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I have already had bids for


£100 on item 1

£40 on item 4

£50 on item 5

£60 on item 2


So come on lads its time to get your hands in your pockets and start bidding.



Have Fun :D

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I have to say im surprised the bidding is so few and far between on here, and i can't believe there aren't any bids for Orchid Lakes. Come on fella's these are genuine prizes for a good cause.

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Obviously will be 2014 there are some spaces available but obviously are changing daily.

We are quite happy if youve already booked, to use your booked week for this auction. Obviously if youve paid a deposit it will be refunded.

If that doesnt work then we have dates in 2015!

Hope this all makes sense!!! :D


Dig deep chaps!

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