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Homemade Bait

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Always a good starting point is to do some research on different base mixes find one you like (Fishmeal,Bird Food,Seafood etc) get used to using those, adding your own flavours,enhancers etc.

Then if you feel you really want to go down the route of making your own base mixes get ready for some real head banging and trial and error, very rewarding if you get everything right though :wink:

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I agree it's a mine field, there is some great info on here though. Don't have a great deal of experiance with what works and what doesn't, but I would suggest start with some ingredients you are confident with and go from there.


Oh yes updates would be great :) always good to hear how things work out!

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Try these me old fruit...


Brilliant bird food:

1 kg Sluis CLO

1 kg Red Factor

1 kg PTX (insectivorous)

1 kg Nectarblend

2 kg Full Fat Soya

2 kg Maize Meal

1 kg Egg Albumin

1 kg Vitamealo (Calf gold)



Budget bait:

4 parts Full fat soya flour

1 part ground rice (or semolina)

2 parts CLO bird-food

2 parts Nectarblend bird-food

8 parts White Fishmeal



Awesome winter bait:

For 10 KG base mix:

1 KG Supergold 60


1 KG Meggablend sweet

1 KG Vanilla extract meal

1 KG maize meal

1 KG tigernut flour/meal

2 KG full fat soya flour

1 KG Vitamealo (or Lamlac)

1/2 KG egg albumen

1/2 KG blood plasma

For 500g of base mix (approx. 4 egg mix) use:

2g Lactose concentrate B+

20ml amino blend 365

3ml Ultra creamy condensed milk essence

1g Cypryvit (vitamin compound - optional)



Fantastic fishmeal:

2 parts White fishmeal

2 parts Sardine & Anchovy

1 part Capelin meal

2 part Sluis CLO

1 part Vitamealo (Calf Gold)

½ part Egg Albumin

¼ Part Robin Red

For the attractors:

2g Betaine Hcl (or Finnstim)

20ml Minamino

20ml Salmon oil / Cod liver oil

2-3ml Flavour (cranberry, pineapple, scopex, etc.)[Optional]

1-2ml sweetener

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