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Prologic DD Baits

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Yes they are shelf life boilies but don't let that put you off, they also do something called tasters which is a powder coating that leaks off flavor signals in the water if you dip a boilie in the glug then roll in the taster and repeat it gives you something different. I cant comment on the pop ups I have not used them but the Chapmans offer of £39.99 for 6kg of different size boilies, 150ml of dip and 3 pots of pop ups it can't be bad or if you fancy rolling you own they do a base mix 3kg for around £11

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DD Baits only produce readymades so yes they are. Chapmans are one of Prologic's (Svendsen Sport's) largest UK customers, so this, coupled with the fact that Svendsen cannot sell their bait in the UK for love nor money and you see why the massive discounts. A large quantity of DD Baits were probably sold to Chapmans as a sweetener to another deal. In fact i'd put money on who made the sale.......


In all my time with the company i have to confess that i never once used their bait. However I do know that some of the European guys catch plenty of fish on it so i'm sure it works perfectly well. Is it of the same quality as a frozen bait from one of the more recognised and respected bait companies? Without a doubt NO. But it has it's place.

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