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There are so many rigs out there it can sometimes be hard to know which one to use in the right situation. We have all heard of the Stiff Hinged Rig, the Chod Rig, the Blow Back Rig, the 360 Rig, the list is endless, it must be so confusing for the newcomer so i thought i would put it to the forum and see what we can all come up with.

We all know that there is no one rig that will cover all situations, one lake may have a clear gravel bottom another lake maybe absolutely stuffed with weed, both need a different rig or presentation, so my question is.


What leads you to the rig you use, im not just talking the hooklink side of rigs i mean the whole presentation, whether it be running, a helicopter or a drop off system, what factors do you take into consideration when you decide on a rig? and what kind of rig would you use?

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I try to live a simple life, and want fishing to be as simple as well.


I'm pretty much set on a run ring running up and down the mainline or tubing with no backstop; It can be used as a proper running lead with a slack line, or as a bolt rig with a tight line. It has the other advantage in that should I get a break-off the fish is not trailing any rubbish around behind it, the only thing it trails is a rig which it should be able to eject in a short time.


As for rigs, I've been playing and tying up various rigs up over the years, and seem to go back to basics, changing only hooklink materials.


It's easy to change between a knotless knot, or add a line aligner with silicon or shrink tubing from that basic rig, and a coated or uncoated braid, or even mono is pretty simple to tie. I would add fluorocarbon, but you do have to be aware that fluorocarbon may get abraded on the hookeye with a knotless knot.


I also think that too much is given to fancy rigs on many lakes, when in many cases the same rig will work, but not enough anglers know how to feed the water properly to get the best out of it :!:



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I only use running rigs forall my fishing ! small leads of less than one ounce. 14lbs main line with 30lbs end braid on a size 6 or 8 hook ! no armoured line (end) unless its for cats or sturgeon.

Keep it as simple as possible is my motto !

Line tends to be fluro unless i want to fish on teh surface. with either a pop up or bread /dog biscuit.

fishing close in does not need heavy leads and any distance of up to 30 metres the light lead is ok. when useing a pop up . i tend to use a halved one on a 14/16mm boilie ,so the halved popup just lifts the boilie off the ground and no more.. i would use putty if was useing just the pop up on its own. But in this case would use a 20mm pop up but cut in a square rather than keep it round.

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