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Kingsbury Chronicles (Pine Pool) updated 14/4/13


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Located on the popular Kingsbury Water Park in the West Midlands, Pine Pool is one of the most well known day tickets waters in the West Midlands. It’s a very mature gravel pit, surrounded by tree's with loads of good feature's to fish to, including gravel patches, silt beds, weed, reeds, islands, snags and some very carpy looking over hanging bushes.

The lake is improving all the time and the fish are coming on very well.

It has reportedly never been stocked with carp of less than 5lb with the average size being around low to mid doubles. There are several 20s to go at with fish known to go to low 30s.

From what i can work out so far there is an estimated 70 to 100 fish present.

And from what i have seen in regards to pictures of the fish they are stunners with the clear water making the backs of these fish very dark.

At an estimated size of around 7.5 acres the pool is made up of three pools which have now been joined. Holly Pool, Pine Pool and Oak Pool, i have kept the names on the map for reference purpose's.




The first session i did a couple of weeks ago was just really a pub chuck session to familiarise myself with the water. It was quite misty when i turned up in the morning and you couldn't see a lot of the lake, but when the sun started to rise over the tree's it became quite obvious the carp would be found in the northern tips of the bays, as these would be the first area's to warm up after near freezing temperature's during the night before.

As i said before it was just a pub chuck session, which taught me a lot, the weed is quite thick for even this time of year, i would hazzard a guess and say it was no more than 8 inches thick off the bottom but on reeling in the rods you were greeted with big clumps of weed clinging to your rigs.

I can imagine the weed reaching the surface during the warmer months, which presents me with a bit of a quandary, do i follow the trend and find the clear spots as everyone else is doing or do i stick to what im confident in doing and fish solid pva bags. I think the clear spots will indeed work but i suspect these spots have been fished to death by others. So i think ill stick to what i am doing for now and see what happens.

I came across the same problem while fishing Chilham Mill, everyone was fishing to the clear spots and i just stuck to my guns and held out. Back then i was fishing longer sessions, i could afford to bait up and wait it out. Now im on days only so im looking for a quick result, but fishing solid pva bags gives me a lot of confidence, so i might need to change a couple of bits and pieces but i will fish this pool pretty much the same as Chilham.

But fishing the place for the first time has certainly given me an appetite for more, this place has already gotten under my skin.


The second session was to be one Friday the 1st of March, i already had a good idea of how i was going to try and tackle the place and after dropping the kids off at school the excitement started as i was on my way to the pool. How ever i was going to fish the session i had already decided at the end of every day spent there i would get out about a kilo of bait. Its a 35 minute drive for me so getting down every couple of days for pre baiting is out of the question, nevertheless i still wanted to introduce a decent amount of bait for the fish to get used too.

I have been very lucky this year as Paul from ABS is providing me with all the bait i need, a very generous offer that only a fool would refuse.

I do not consider myself a lucky person usually and i was taken back by the offer off such a good bait company. The day it arrived i was at work and i had a phone call off Chrissie saying the bait has arrived, i couldn't wait to get home and have a look.




Paul had given me a phone call and had decided the best bait for me would be a variation on their B Plan boilies, now i know very little about bait and do not wish to know either, its to complicated for me, but Paul simply said "if you put this bait in front of fish it will catch" and that'a all i need to know. I only hope i can do the bait some justice by catching some fish.


Right back to the session

On arrival i had a good look round the pool and didn't see any signs of fish what so ever, so i decided to set up somewhere where i thought the fish maybe moving through at some point in the day.

I decided on the southern left hand bank on Pine Bay, it seemed as good a place as any, my left hand rod was cast into the margin to the left hand side of me, my middle rod was cast to the island in front of me and my right hand rod was cast right in the middle of the two islands. I had heard off a number of people this used to be a good area as fish do move through the two islands.

I had also decided to try a couple of different tactics out, the left hand rod and the right hand rod i would leave alone until i had some action where the middle rod to the island i would trickle in some bait every hour or so to see if frequent baiting would help.




With all my gear set up i sat back to enjoy the day that lay ahead, plus i could keep and eye on the bay behind me for any fish activity. If i did see any then it wouldn't of taken much for me to switch bays.

Ross (carefulcarping) popped down for a coffee and a chat about all things carpy, a few laughs were had and idea's exchanged.

The hours slowly passed with no activity apart from the odd lift on the right hand rod every couple of hours, i felt sure it was fish so all the rods were just left in position with me just regularly baiting the island spot.

Still these lifts kept coming and at 5.30pm i had a take, but sadly i didn't get to the rods in time and i missed my first bite.

That was it for the day but at least i know the fish are taking the baits which has also given me a bit more confidence. As i said before at the end of the session i sent out another kilo or so of bait and i am already itching to get back in two weeks.


Bye for now :)

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Well its been a few weeks now since the banks of Pine Pool have felt my presence, and how its nice to be back on the bank in such pleasant surroundings. To be honest i was just grateful for getting away from the trials and tribulations of Peppa Pig. Young Ben has taken a shine to this programme, always raises a smile whenever he hears the theme tune. He is changing so quickly these days its hard to keep up. One thing he has noticed and shown an affection for, are my piercings, i have had a few dodgy moments with fingers firmly gripped around the hoop just above the right eye, with daddy very calmly and gently peeling away Ben's fingers before daddy ends up at A&E.


Any way that's enough of me nearly getting harmed, back to the fishing.


Friday morning soon came round with me eagerly negotiating my way through the many traffic hold ups on the way to Kingsbury, the journey seemed to take an eternity, why is that? why does it always seem to take longer getting there than going back home? sod's law i suppose. Soon enough i arrived in the car park next to Pine Pool and was greeted with quite a gentle breeze coming across the pool. There were two anglers opposite, on the north western bank of Pine Bay, so i thought i would take a trundle round to try and gleam any info on spotted fish that i could. They had both seen fish right in front of them just off the island earlier that morning, hence them being where they were. I'd guessed that with six rods going in at roughly the same time the fish wouldn't be there any more so i opted for a quick walk round to see if i could spot any fish myself. I knew during the winter some of the fish could be spotted in Oak Bay, this is the first bay to warm up in the mornings and would probably be a good starting point for a quick perusal. I couldn't see a damn thing, so processing the information i had got out of the two anglers earlier i decided i would set up on the south eastern bank of Pine Bay. Just the second swim off the point, this would give me a good vantage point and would keep my options open for the bay behind me. My right hand rod was cast just off the island to the right, the middle rod was cast slap bang in the middle of the two islands, and my left hand rod was cast off the left hand island. This would give me a good interception point for any fish moving through the two islands. My baiting was simple, 50 to 60 boilies put out in a line across all three rods. Nothing too regimented, more of a loose scattering between the rods. I like fishing trap style, get the rods done, get the baiting done and sit, wait and do nothing, just keep quiet and out of sight. Meanwhile while i was waiting for a bite i could regularly checked the bay behind me as no one was fishing there, and it would be an easy move if i did see any signs of fish.


With everything done i put the kettle on for a much deserved coffee, rolled a fag and sat back admiring the scenery, feeling confident i had done everything right. I must admit i am looking forward to seeing Pine Pool in full bloom, i do think its going to be a very picturesque lake.

The hours slowly passed without even a bleep, but i was starting to see fish activity in the bay behind me, a few swirls and a few shapes drifting in and out of the bay, there were signs of fish cruising along the reeds in the corner of the bay. Now i was in a dilemma, do i sit and ignore these signs and probably spoil what i had already done that morning or do i try to capitalise on the moving fish. I toiled for quite a while and decided on a move to Oak bay just behind me, i waited until i couldn't see any signs of fish and quickly got the rods into position and hoped i had made the right move.


Again the hours passed slowly which was made worse by the sightings of fish right over my baited areas, i dare not move a muscle, then out of nowhere, from the right, a great big fat, ugly, stupid, feathery swan wiped out all of my rods, all i could do was do my best to try and salvage any hope i had in getting a bite. I usually have my rod tips right under water because of this reason, but in all the excitement of seeing fish in my swim i had failed to think that this might be an issue, more fool me. With all the commotion the swan had caused i had very little chance in there being any fish there now. I plugged away regardless and tried in vane to catch a fish but it just wasn't meant to be today. And here i sit again writing about another blank. In all honesty i probably shouldn't of moved but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Still there's always next time :)


Until Next time

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