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Iv been thinking about where im going to do most of my fishing this year, i was going to get a fiew sessions in at millbrook fishery but its not open until late july. On my estate there is a lake around 4-5 acres, its a old spring fed estate lake, average depths around 4-5 feet with huge raised bar stretching from one bank to the island, also a large pit at the corner of the island with depths around 10 feet. iv only ever fished it for pike as there are huge pike in there, iv somewhat overlooked the carp in there, the carp in the lake are not your common fin perfect carp but really wild, rough battle scarred fish, iv seen many pictures of carp from there and not one has been a common carp. Really looking forward to giving it a go, long shot in the dark here but if anyone has ever fished this lake any pointers would be great, its located in park hall, weston coyney stoke on trent. worth a shot :P dan

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Good luck mate, look forward to the catch reports. :wink:


Thanks mate, literally a 2 minute walk from my house, so looking for fish and preparing a fiew spots wont be a problem, iv noticed only about 3 pegs are fished on this lake so it might be worth a shot prebaiting a fiew areas out of the way, the fish arent pressured in anyway but it could safeguard me from people fishing my baited areas haha :) dan.

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