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BBC Programme and Otters


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I copied this directly from Rob Hughes FB page (sorry), but with the intention so that all of us are aware of what is happening:



Rob Hughes




As you all know the increased otter numbers in conunction with the reduction in smaller fish populations is causing serious problems at fisheries. Tonight on BBC 2 at 8pm there is a special Springwatch programme dedicated to the Otter. The Predation Action Group have been working with the BBC to bring the anglers / fisheries viewpoint into the public domian as it's important that all sides of the story are told. It will be interesting to see tonight how the view of angling is portrayed and whether we are made out to be victims or troublemakers. If you watch the show tonight please let me know your views, but please keep them sensible.

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not for me mate. tomoz at 1.30. wont be on bank anyway. ive only got a quick 24 and its forcast to rain all of it on sat.


now go mad at me and tell me i should go and blank, freeze on the shortest day and then pack up on sat in the rain and mud!!!!


I shall not go mad at you, but you know you should be there, and deep down you'll regret it if you're not. :wink:

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i know i know. feel almost guilty not going.


Think of all the time you'll be stuck in doors over the next 10 days. Eating too much, watching kak TV, putting up with kids and/or relatives. Your one chance to get out into the fresh air and enjoy a bit of solitude . . . . . . . . .and you didn’t go because it was a bit wet. :roll:


I’m only trying to help you Rowland. :wink:

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rowland?? wtf?? big scaley girl and baby koi..............


Rowland . . . . . on Grange Hill.


Basically, there was this kid on Grange Hill years ago called Rowland, and there was this really annoying black girl who was always trying to help him, and that's what she used to say him all the time. . . . . .but if you didn't see it the comedy of the moment is lost. :wink:

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