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What's your most memorable moment


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I got back to the point and said to lewis "I've had a bit of an accident. I may be a while as there is a lot of cleaning up to do"


I didn't ask him to make me a cup of tea or any food for a while after that..


On the plus side...he left his phone behind :wink:


Yeah, Jo enjoyed your texts!

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Top couple would be:


- First time I went fishing and first fish I caught: Chub in Wales. It was a family holiday at a private lake, just for the weekend. We all went out at the start of the break digging for worms then float fished them for the rest of the time. I'd love to go back as I now realise how good the chub we were catching actually were. (Can't find any piccys :()


- First carp session. Caught a 4lber and a 2.5lber on a legered worm. Cast out the worm on it's own as far as I could and used a 3lb TC carp rod like a quivertip.. :oops:


(I've got a pic somewhere. I'll get it up when I find it.)


- Catching my first double, a 15lber. Previous biggest was about 6lb. The fish took literally like 45 minutes to land and only just squeezed into my landing net. Caught on a bit of meat with a feeder-full of groundbait.




- First Pike. 6lb 5oz from the Yare on holiday to the Norfolk Broads. I'd wanted to catch one for ages, but always been a little wary of doing so because of the unhooking of it. Crazy experience catching him and I unhooked him fine. Couldn't stop shaking.



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