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My trip to Drayton Reservoir.


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Hey guys.


It's not very often that me and a few friends from work all get together and get a fishing session done, so a month or 2 ago, we had decided to do a day session at Drayton Reservoir. I have fished here a couple of times before and never done very well, this was due to being very in experienced in carp fishing, although i did catch my first double figure carp here at 11lb 2 years ago.


Anyway, our session was soon upon us, we arranged to meet at 6:30 for when the gates open, but i was there a little early, at 6:15, and the gates where already open, panic set in as there was 4 of us due to be fishing, and we was hoping to get 4 pegs alongside each other. Luckily, my mates swiftly turned up and we got 4 pegs side by side on the damn wall pretty close to the entrance as the rest of the wall was already taken.


Not really where we favoured to be, but we kept our spirits high, and got ourselves sorted, and the rods where put out by around 7am.


I opted for the solid bag approach, with a single 15mm PP60 boilie on each rod in a bag of small pellets with a small scattering of boilies over the top.


In the first half hour a couple of chaps a few pegs up had a carp each, which shown they where feeding and close by.


My friend on my right was first off the mark with a carp around the 9lb mark taken on a zig. Not much time had passed and my mate to my left took a carp around the 12lb mark i think, also on a zig with a sloppy mix spodded over the top at distance.


After these two carp had being landed, i switched one of my rods over to a zig in the hope of snaring my first carp ever on a zig.


Around 1pm in the afternoon, my mate on my left had a couple more carp on the zig, and my friend on my right had no more. Actione had realy slowed up, until, my rod hand rod, which was what i still had on the bottom with a PP60 boilie on zoomed off. I was on my rod in seconds, but lifting the rod, i felt no resistance and the hook never took hold. I was gutted, but happy fish where there, so i started to tie up another solid bag, but then the left hand rod (zig) when wizzing off. Couldnt believe it, 6 hours of no runs, and 2 in a matter of minutes. I hit the run, and felt resistance, a big beaming a smile for all over 3 seconds where it then went slack...


After getting the rig in it revealed that the hookoink had snapped down by the hook.


Now i was really gutted, 2 fish gone.


Both rods where cast out, but over the next hour or so i had no more action.


I then started to see crashing out a good 40 yards further than what i was casting (I was only casting 50 yards ish).


So i got in both my rods and cast them out to the carp which was difficult with a big head on wind on the dam wall. One rod on bottom still and the other on the zig. I also thought i would put around a kilo of freebies on them as i wanted to keep them there.


It only took 20 minutes or so and the bottom bait rod whizzed off! Upon lifting the rod, a nice curve took shape and i was in. After a 5 minute battle, a big plump mirror broke the surface and was soon in the net. When i was on the mat my knees went to jelly and the adrenaline kicked in. My PB at this point is 16lb 4oz caught last year. I was confident this Mirror would beat that, so we had it on the scales and they went 16lb 14oz. A few pictures where taken, and after we slipped the carp back we weighed the sling...Only my mate then went onto say, sorry mate, but youve just levelled your PB, the sling weighs 10oz. But none the less, i was not dissapointed in the slightest and very happy to have landed such a lovely looking fish!






I had that buzz that i wanted to tell everyone what i had caught, to some people it may not be the biggest carp in the world, and yes its drayton so its not the best looking carp you will ever see. But to me, it was special, and also a new PB mirror!


So after i had setlled down after the catch, the rod was back out, and i started to scatter a couple more baits over the area, but before i finished putting the bait out the rod was off again!


This time i managed my smallest of the session with a 9lb 8oz Mirror



After a couple of results on the bottom now and the zig remaining still, i got the zig rod in and both rods where out on small solid bags on pellets with PP60 boilies as hookbait.


Action had slowed up abit, but after an hour, the rod that used to be on the zig raced off. But that was only short lived after only having the fish on for a few seconds, everything went slack, I couldnt even feel the weight of the lead. After getting the rod in, the mainline had snapped where i attached it to the hooklink, and i have used the mainline a few times before with no issues, so i put it down to a poorly tied knot by myself, but the way my rig was tied meant that the carp will have disgarded the lead easily.


After re rigging the rod, it was back out, and another hour passed before i was in again.


Another good looking mirror of 12lb 2oz



All had gone quiet now, i had landed 3 fish so far, my mate on the left had 7. Also his brother had just had his first of the session and a new PB for himself at 14lb 9oz.


We was getting ready to start packing up and all the stuff like chairs etc where packed away in the cars as they where only behind our pegs, but again, my delkim screamed me into action and i was again battling a Drayton Carp.


This one was the last of the session, but weighed 11lb 5oz.



Sadly, the session was over, and 13 carp caught between the 4 of us (7, 4, 1 &1)


I know for Drayton standards that isnt a great deal of carp, but we where still very pleased with what we had done, and what we had caught. And i was glad to have a couple of carp out considering my previous sessions there last year where not my most productive :)


Hope you enjoyed the write up.



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