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my own boilies


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Well i had a go at making my own boilies ive been using molasses with vitalin in a method feeder with good results so i thought i would have a go at making some molasses boilies i tried these and had a fair amount of success with them, i then decided i would make a bit of a concoction from different things ive been hearing about so i made some spicy, salty tuna boilies for this i added 3 tins of tuna to my base mix, rock salt and chilli powder. well i went out to trinity waters in bridgwater, somerset on Saturday whacked about 5 in a pva bag with the one on the hair cast out and within 5 mins i was into a nice common then as the day went on using different sizes through the day had another common and a nice mirror around 12lb a small bream and even a chub, from a walk around the lake i seem to have done very well as most caught nearly nothing, strangely i had hardly any interest in the molasses boilies and method feeder mix and all was on the tuna mix just shows that a good bait wont work everywhere.

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welcome to the life of bait making, shows we dont know it all and the fish will take what they want.

i get so many enquiries from people asking me make this mix and that flavour mix. i look and sometimes think that mix will never work so i,m not going to waste my time making it, proves i dont know what new lines i could be refusing to make. if only fish could shout i like that or we could see the bottom of the lake and watch the response the fish gives our bait it would make my life hell of a lot easier. :?

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Liquid molasses is an excellent bait additive that I have used for years. If used correctly it can be a wonderful natural sweetener that adds depth and "rounds off" the flavour and palatability of a bait. I would use it as a sweetener / enhancer at the rate of 20-25 ml per 500g of base mix or groundbait rather than the main attractor in a carrier bait.

I get mine from an animal feed mill supplier dead cheap (50p litre) but it can be a lot more expensive from bait firms. Quality baits do good, cheap molasses. Where ever you get it from make sure it is really thick and viscous and not the watered down, thin stuff that you can buy for mixing up groundbait. Good luck...

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Yeah I think that too but it's just so time consuming rolling each ball....have you got a good recipe for a good base mix mate?

Try this:



Some base mixes will go through a gun easily, yet others will roll best with a table.


For some reason, and I don't profess to know why, putting some mixes through a bait gun will actually float when boiled, yet the same mix through a table will sink. It may be due to the air trapped within the mix being compressed and squeezed out when put under the table.


To my mind we only make perfectly round baits simply so that we can get them out easily to long range with a catapult or throwing stick. Yet if you can put them out with a spod or spomb, or even in balls of groundbait then your baits don't need to be perfectly round.


Simply putting the sausages on the table and cutting them without rolling you create 'pillows', use a different size nozzle/table and roll you make dumbells or ovaloids/diamonds.

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Some very good advice there lads thanks a lot :) I'm going to start to use only my own baits because they are just to expensive to buy

i make all my own boilies mate and my own method mix i never buy what i can make even breadcrumb i knock loads up and keep in a huge sealed bin. particles i buy loads of seeds and prepare my own. ive probably got enough bait in freezer to see me through the next 6 months once you start making your own it become a flippin addiction and your always on the lookout for that extra special ingredient

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does anyone else wince when they see a new homemade boilies thread :wink: they always start well then go down hill :lol::lol:


I do :lol:


como1234 Posted: 30th Dec 2012 22:09 Post subject:




Some very good advice there lads thanks a lot I'm going to start to use only my own baits because they are just to expensive to buy



When I first started carp fishing back in the 1980's you had no choice but to make your own baits, base mixes and boilies simply weren't easily available. Richworth getting their Tutti's, Salmon Surprise or Supreme and Honey Yucatan's into the shops meant that boilies were available, and we would buy a bag of baits and share them between 3 or 4 of us for a week or 2. Then I got into making baits again myself with a proprietary base mix up in Norfolk as decent food source baits weren't available to buy in boilie form.


It got easier to stay with Nutrabaits base mixes and the occasional bag of Trigga Ready Mades in shelf life or frozen on a 'quick trip' if it was unplanned, although I usually had a freezer full of home made Trigga.


Since then I now get my boilies made for me by http://www.baitfeedonline.co.uk and even before I was sponsored, it worked out cheaper than buying ingredients for a good decent food bait.


The other thing that getting baits made for me, is I don't have to clean up and stink the house out. Even a nice smelling bait stinks at the boiling time, and making something with Liver Elite actually woke the Mrs up in the middle of the night as the smell she reckoned was so bad. :shock::roll:


On top of that, there was always the little bit that I would miss, the tiny lump that had managed to hide at the back of the work surface even though I had scrubbed the whole lot. :roll:

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Haha! I wish I could have someone to make my baits for me but you need to be really good for that eventuality, I have tried a variety of making them but I do agree they do smell when they are boiling, I just feel like it's more of an accomplishment to catch on something that you've concocted yourself :)

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Used to do all that jaz but just can't be bothered now with so many good baits around. If you order enough you will pay six quid a kilo from most bait companies. Time you have bought base mix. Liquid foods. Flavours,eggs, electricity , you will struggle to beat six quid a kilo. Oh and your time. Can't put a price on time. Instead of hours mixing,boiling,drying and cleaning you could be watching dicanios Swindon win or be at your venue angling. Life's just not long enough,!


I got sausage gun and tables if anyone wants a go.

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