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The Girls are back , pics from Wildmoor and Lavender Hall


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So we havent fished too much of late , had a trip to Wildmoor waters in may and have to see it was brilliant and despite the bad press the place is jam packed with carp we got showed around and they were all basking on both lakes . We did have to contend with really hot weather which meant we had to go out and buy aload of decent float gear , then nicked some gorgeous fish off the top . We went monday afternoon and stayed till 10 on the friday however they began to spawn on the thursday which made it impossible!

Heres some Wildmoor pics




















Last week we went back to our fave place Lavender hall and the weather conditions were perfect not too hot nor too cold and they were hammering the cell! The weights went from 7.5lb , a couple of tens , an 11lb , a couple of 13lbs and the last pics is an 18lb fish that seemed very old and bashed around!

















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Guest Anonymous

good fishing and well done girls :)


Got to say those pics of wildmoor dont look like the same place as described and photo'd on there website, looks a bit commercially (not that im taking anything away from your acheivement) you caught some good fish and looked like you enjoyed your fishing. 8)

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thanks guys , we love fishing and cant wait to try townparks fishery devon next week .


We fished the smaller lake at wildmoor , when u book you get the place to yourself , we plan to try the bigger lake next time i will dig for some more pics of the lake we fished :)

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Thanks for all the comments :) we haven't really had anyone teach us , mainly trial and error and online research and of course getting ourselves on the bank . We are mastering our own rig tying altho I have decided I hate shrink tube as my kettle spout is waaay to big to concentrate the steam , grr ! Lol

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