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1st of the year


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Been a bit of a struggle so far this year - flitting between 3 lakes, with only a couple of losses and a fair few dropped takes to show for it. Was starting to think that I was doing something wrong.


Hadn't been for about 5-6 weeks so was raring to go when I learnt that I could get an overnighter in on Friday. I didn't let the fact that I would be driving a hire car - Peugeot 107, stop me either, in fact it made me want to go even more - I will get my kit, barrow and dog in there!!!


I was lucky to find a decent spot in the windward corner and the fish soon told me that this was the place to be. Show after show whilst setting up had me thinking that I would get one within a few minutes. To limit the casts I opted for solid bags cast to the main showing areas.


The shows continued into darkness but by dawn I'd only had a couple of liners or dropped takes - lifting into nothing!


My mate rang and reminded me that I'd had activity around 1pm previously so that became my deadline, and I'm glad it did because the first shows of the day had me recasting at about 1:15.


On the 3rd cast I got a good drop so that became last chance saloon, whilst I packed up the other 2 rods and loaded the barrow.


Out the blue it ripped off and I landed the first of the year, an old looking mirror at 28.4.






After returning that fish a show on the same spot had me attempting one final cast (already running well late for home), but who cares another screamer with the rod resting up against the reeds, a mirror of 34.2.






Hopefully my luck has changed for the better at long last :D

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