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Pavyotts Mill


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I feel nervous to dare type this venue into the title given its somewhat concerning reputation! There is a lot of bad press on the venue which i fully appreciate and it is by no means a place i would choose to visit, however, recently my brother (an un-experienced angler who is not informed with the troubles regarding imported fish and disease spread etc.) had quietly booked us on for a weekend not to my knowledge as an early present. As much as i didn't want to go, i didn't want to appear ungrateful and very much wanted to spend some time with him, he sounded very excited over the phone!


To cut to the chase, we fished the Maze lake..holding fish to something like 50lb. It is by no means a runs water but not the most difficult, I had 4 runs..and unfortunately only saw one on the bank! And my brother also had the one fish. The cabins are comfortable, supplying beds so you just need your sleeping bag and very spacious too, with adequate room for all the gadgets.


Each swim appears to have its own designated fishing area, not much room really with what has to be the most islands i've ever encountered in a lake, so plenty of visual features.


The first night was quiet, no bleeps or anything. I changed my tactics for the second evening by fishing very tight to the islands. This night was exceptionally cold, had to have hit at least zero as beers had frozen! and my alarms froze, aswell as the reels etc. but this didn't stop a few runs developing to which i landed just the one.. a kind of near-full linear at 25lb 2oz


Got to be said, a most unattractive background for the picture, forgot it was behind me!




A pleasant sunset..



So all in all, really enjoyed the time with my brother and the other anglers were some of the friendliest i've ever met. But won't be going back, too much is done for you and you lose that unique closeness with the wilderness that i like from bivvying up on a more peaceful venue.

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Each to their own...if there wasn't a market for it-ponds like this wouldn't exist.


I didn't go after big carp for about 5 years due to other commitments and I fancied a night away...so I went to pavyotts mill. I couldn't hack it now...but at the time it was a good mid week overnighter. Easy fishing, a curry house that delivered beer and food. Perfect for what I wanted at the time.

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their background shots do make me laugh a bit, well done on the fish, its a lump and one more than ive caught this year :D:D


What was the cause of the lost fish out of curiosity :lol:


I guess it was night so there wouldn't have been a scenic background anyway! I'm really not sure with the lost fish, i was fishing tight to an island and i'd get a run only to find myself locked up from something, i'd felt a kick on some of them but then there'd be nothing and i'd have to pull it free from whatever, buried in the island slope maybe?

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I've read quite abit about this place and i've been informed some very interesting things, firstly this is where pavyotts are said to get their fish. seems very legit to me.




Also I've heard that the source of the disease was not from abroad but in fact from equipment from the uk! :shock:


Of course i'm not branding this as truth as I have no proof but you must agree its interesting information, and I say information loosely of course. be good if others could shed some light on this?

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