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Thinking of getting this lot but wanted some opinions first

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Hi all,


Just got a bit of spare dosh (PPI) and going to upgrade my gear before i or my missus blows the lot on rubbish.


I currently use TFG V8 reels and V8 rods and also my Prologic Polys for alarms.


Nowt wrong with the reels and rods, I caught a 67.9lb sturgeon last year on one :)


Anyway this is what i was going to go for.


3 Fox Stratos 12000 FS - new type with black handle and spool

3 Sonik SK4's 3.25 tc

3 Delkim Txi Plus' and receiver


£1300 all in


Im no expert at fishing, I catch my fair share and this might be excessive but only live once and all that.


I was looking to use a goal post setup but unsure what is best to be honest, and ideas would be appreciated.

my pod is a bit knackered so open to ideas. Most places i fish have soft ground but i do need a pod on occassions


thanks in advance






After reading through the thread, I honestly think that the Test Curve of the rod is MILES too high for the waters you are fishing, and 2.75 TC would be the absolute maximum I would go to.


Fish size does NOT mean that you need a higher test curve. In most cases a lower test curve rod with a through action is more friendly fish playing, and will actually be less at risk of hookpulls than a high TC tip actioned rod.


In fact I wouldn't even go to Big Pit style reel, in "Shimano Speak", I'd go for the 10000 size reels.


Years ago a 10 acre water I fished I could reach every single spot on the lake with 2.25lb TC rods, and Abu Cardinals, but in the interest of development and getting a baitrunner I moved onto 4000 Aero GTE's.


While I know that some Fox reels were not the best, I do know that some people love them. Its a "love/hate" mix, but personally even though that Fox, Daiwa etc do produce reels I will almost only ever buy Shimano.



Just as an aside I never upgrade all my gear at once, even though I occasionally have the money to do rods, buzzers, reels etc. I have chosen my kit over time, and have gotten used to how it feels and its actions. If gear needs upgrading or replacing then I do one (set of) item at a time, so buy new rods, and put the old reels onto them etc.


I'm happy with my 12 year old buzzers, 3 year old rods, 2 year old reels and as for pod, that must be 7 years old, and the only thing I want to do for that is buy a new set of buzzer bars as the old ones are getting tatty and one of the screw threads is worn.


Rod Pods:https://forum.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?p=548789#548789


Got to agree with buying 2.75 tc rods for the waters your fishing at the moment and they will be more than adequate for larger waters in the future. Shimano all the way for me personally have a look at the xtea range if they are still making them very good real for the money. :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

Personally I'd get three second hand tourney 5000's which will set you back around 300 quid, three 3.25 torrix's at around 200 each and spend the rest on your alarms.


I use this set up on small to large lakes at range and under the tip and they never let me down, it's a set up you'll be happy with for a long long time.

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well this is what happened in the end, i bought :-


3 sonik sk4's

3 Daiwa Infinity X BR 5000's

and 3 Delkim txi's with receiver.


wont be upgrading for a while thats for sure and these will be getting a good 3 day session next week.


maybe a bit overkill for the waters in general but sod it, i dont want a mish mash of equipment just gathering dust in my shed on the off chance i may use it on a certain water that i may or may not visit.


i have caught plenty on the water i am on at the moment with 3.25's and yes maybe 2.75 are better for it but horses for courses n all that.

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My advice is steer clear of the Fox reels,


i tried a set when they first came out for a season i had the 1200fs mags 300- 350 odd quid each a reel i think they were at the time!! they spent more time at Fox being repaired then they went out fishing. always clicker springs and for someone who manufactures quality springs for a living and being 10 mins down the road from fox this was obviously very frustrating ! i would often turn up at there offices on a monday morning reel in hand and blag my way into reception then inform them i would only leave once it was repaired or replaced !! your money would be better spent with a company that producess reels for a living like Diawa or shimano in my honest opnion!

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opps just read the above post and noticed that is what you did good call on the choice of kit ! how do you find them rods i have had mixed revies on soniks ?


i only received them today so can't give opinion but my mate has a set and doesnt have a bad word to say about them.


im fishing monday so will give them plenty of abuse :)

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opps just read the above post and noticed that is what you did good call on the choice of kit ! how do you find them rods i have had mixed revies on soniks ?



well all my kit has been used now.


first few casts felt a bit weird as the setup is slightly heavier but i love the feel of them now and i can cast loads further than i ever could before.


was only using 2oz lead with a bag and i was well out into the lake that i could'nt reach before. if i got heavier lead on the distance would be further still so all good.


happy days n the rods are top notch fairplay :)

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If you needing to get further out loose the bag and go single hook bait with rig foam on the hook on some of the larger waters I have fished I have had to do that and then spom/spod freebies around it



fair enough but i'm more confident with a bag.

I tested rig foam in the bath before as i was sure it wasnt melting when i was fishing around winter time. had 5 different brands and some took minutes, 1 took 15 mins and one didnt melt for over an hour. :o This was standard water temp out of the cold tap as well. Never used the stuff after that.

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I use the Gardner foam and had no problems with it. I nip a bit around between boilie and hook and wrap a bit round the shank of the hook to cover the point. Doing it that way after a minute they both float to the top when nipped and gives you a good indication where to scatter the freebies

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