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First of the Year


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Third time Lucky after two Blank sessions some fish. The wife decided to go to her sisters Horse riding today so i decided it would be a good time to get on down to the river bank, after dropping off my lovely wife at the Farm i headed on down to my fav little spot just around the corner , oh oh first sign's are not great the river is very low and the wind is blowing like crazy hmm oh well i am here now might as well give it go.


Ive Got my new Rod and Reel to try out and ended up staying for 3 and half hours caught 4 fish 3 Carp and one Cat . Lost one Hat to the wind haha .

so finally after two previous blank sessions some fish.


Better than this time last year, this time last year the River was still Frozen with 3 inch of Ice !! Spring has come early and warm this year

in Southern Ontario so been well nice to get to the River bank this early in the Year dint get out to the end of April Last Year.


All four were caught with couple bits of corn on a hair with a Worm from our garden on the Hook.

was nice to get back at the River Bank even Nicer with the New Gear !!!.


Here to a good Angling Season this Year !!!


First fish of the Year !!


Got to love these Wild River Carp they take off like Torpedoes and don't stop fighting to they really have had enough.


Tight Lines


The Hawk.







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