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Carp Fishing Report 2011


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This is my first carp report, so here it goes. I went out on my local honeyhole at about 1:00 in August, bringing three rods in some handmade rod holders. I chummed and fished with sweetcorn. Surprisingly after just 15 minutes, my left rod bowed down and drag screamed. After a 5 minute fight on my bass rod I managed to bring in this 12 pounder. Surprisingly, as I usually fish alone, a passerby caught some nice pics.

IMPORTANT! I am extremely sorry for the lack of carp care shown here. I had been a newbie, just two kernels of sweet corn on a hook and a little split shot. This was only my second carp ever caught. I fervently hope the carp was not harmed. It went from water to net on grass to water with only a few minutes above. I had we my hands. Still now there is no excuse and after ice out I will carp with antiseptic, gloves, mat and sling. Again I apologize to the carp I have previously and thuggishly caught.

Here are the pics.







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1. Make sure line is through all of your rings...

2. Buy a new landing net,the one you have is not suitable.Needs to be bigger/softer.

3. Unhook fish on unhooking mat,not in landing net.

4. Do not suspend fish by hook and line.

5. Don't pour water over fish from sooooo great a hight.

6. Return fish to water using either weigh sling/unhooking mat,if designed to do so,or landing net.Needs to be released into deeper water and not by hand...



You are young and as you saiid it was your first time,is there someone you can go with that can guide you?

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Nice story.


To be honest, the only comment that I think that could be made about fish care is the use of an unhooking mat. You seem to be showing great care while the fish is in the net and ON the grass, and in returning it.


Not sure where you are in the world, I would imagine North America or Canada, and I know how difficult it can be in getting fish care items. If you can't get a "proper" unhooking mat, it may be possible to use a Camping mattress.


Your tactics obviously work, plain sweetcorn and a couple of shot.


Good job, and keep on having fun

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To Zammo

1. I didn't realize about the line/ring part that is very amateurish of me

2. I purchased a bfs 6'2 traingular landing net already

3. I am not going to go fishing again without a mat, one is already in my cart on BigCarp along with a sling and some antispetic

4. I never suspend a fish by line, when I was unhookking it, I just raised it's head to get a better angles but it was always in my net

5. I wasn't pouring water on the fish there but rather on my hands

6. I will remember the deepwater part and will use my sling when it comes in the mail for releasing


To Salokcinnodrog: I tried to treat the fish as gently as possibly using my then limited resources. I am right outside of NYC in U.S.A. and resistance tackle and big carp tackle have some very nice carp European and American products. While I did have some nive "laymen's" catches on corn and shot, I am going to be using hairrigs and some boilies/handmade dough in the future. I don't think I am going to go all out with the craszy hooklinks and tubing all over, but I have the basic gear

Carp Rods




LEad clips (had previously been scared of using heavy weights)


etc etc so as to try to improve my catch

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And I have to thank the Europeans for what knowledge I know. I'm a proud American but over here we kind of view fish as, a fish is a fish is a fish, and the only difference is how you catch them. Not as bad as killing carp but still not good. I love this forum and look at the bountiful UK section a lot as it has some great tips on the more refined methods of carping.

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At least you had the sense to put it on grass and not on gravel, and you clearly understand now what is good and bad for the fish and have owned up to it, so fair play.


Looked a nice carp to be honest...Zammo, you have very good eyesight to see the line missing the ring, i didn't notice that until you mentioned it hehe


Also, i noticed you wrote that next time you will be taking gloves, im not sure why you wrote this? as far as im aware gloves are not needed when carp fishing and our hands dont effect the fish, someone correct me if im wrong?



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I had thought that dirty hands could cause infection to fish, but I guess I am wrong, thanks. To Zammo, I hadn't seen the last part of your first post. Carping simply isn't very big in Nj in the States. I don't know anyone who carp fishes European styles. That's why I use this forum, as a cyber substitute.

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I think you sound like a decent lad, and will go far with your attitude towards learning!


With regards to fishing close in with just a shot on the line and a couple of pieces of corn on the hook....thats absolutely fine, and in my opinion one of the best types of fishing! No need to complicate it if you don't need to :mrgreen:

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Thanks, and I agree with that statement. I think of my of my rods, that will probably be my rig except with a hair rig, since corn is cheap and can be flavored easily. and I agree about the complication, some of these rigs that I see here are so complicated I feel that on my 6 hour sessions it would take me two hours just to rig up.

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That's a great looking fish! Do you know if there are many more in the lake? And any bigger ones?


I once made an unhooking mat out of a black bin-bag and bubble wrap or foam or any kind of soft packaging material. You just have to be careful that the fish doesn't slip off it, or make it in a shape so it has built up sides that will stop the fish sliding off.


Also, when returning the fish in shallow water, don't be afraid to take your shoes and socks off, roll up your trousers and walk into slightly deeper water even if it's only just deeper than the fish it should stop the fish rubbing against the bottom. Disclaimer - Always be careful doing this and ensure you can see the bottom because I don't want to be responsible for injury or worse! :cry:


All in all, good angling! :D

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It's more of a pond actually. I have caught 2, 17 lbers there and a 9 lb catfish, which in the states is very large, since we are deprived of the Wels. And down the road there is a much bigger lake that I have gone to and caught 10-12 lbers there though I have been told 25+ lbers exist. :D

I had been fishing back then with only the knowledge that I need corn and small hooks and a good rod etc etc, the typical American way. Now that I am more knowledgeable, I am not opposed to buying an unhooking mat, their quite cheap.

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Hi Carpmaestro


Nice catches buddy! Your passion for carp angling and learning are admirable.


If you are interested into looking into carp fishing more local than check out our group wihich is more north American based. It's called the Carp Anglers Group.You might find other carpers in your area aswell as learn a few tips and tricks. We have vendors that sell unhooking mats and other tackle you might be interested in. Basically, you can see whats going on in the USA and not just the UK.


PM if you have any questions


Here's a link: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/main/



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I have looked at that group and REALLY want to join, they seem to have more info on North America. Right now I can't convince my parents to let me pay the 25$ to join and I had forgotten to join after buying a BFS kit even though I could've save 10% :roll: Sorry for tangenting, but I really did want to join CAG


You can still just register and be involved with the group. If you decide to be a dues paying member later that's up to you. Until then, don't worry about it :)

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