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Peterborough Embankment Bream


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Ive only lived in Peterborough 5 months but Ive fished down on the embankment in town quite a bit.

Ive mainly seen the guys lobbing a feeder 3/4 away across with castor/worm and 16/14 hook.

Well Ive also seen a ton of swans and as many families with their kids feeding them loafs and loafs of bread so I thought the bream must come in and hoover it up. I do most of my fishing at night anyway so I use a 15' float rod 6lb line straight through with a night float. I fish right on the tip of the grain barge about 20 foot out and its about 3/4 foot deep.


Ive had nights when Ive had 10 over 10lb and lost count of the 4-10lb.


But then again Ive had sessions when Ive not had owt over 2lb and theyve been hard work. So I think there must be 1 big shoal that must patrol the stretch.


I hope it migh help someone get a few.

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Ive had alot of nights now fishing right on the tip of the grain barge. I always use a night float/10 hook/big chunk of bread and by biggest out has been 14lb 10oz and had bags over 300lb in a bight. Theres a couple guys fish directly oposite after the carp but all the times Ive seen them theve blanked. But 1 casts not too far away from me and Ive heard him hit the barge when he casts..

Ive not seen anyone who fishes the embankment at night use a float. They all bung out a feeder into the middle and that goes from the grain barge right up passed the toilets. They get some out but not seen the catchs Ive had out.

I remember the other year there was a Fishing expedition and there was going to be a match on the saturday.

Id been fishing the friday night and had a cracking night. Matt hayes and a crew got down the river with a crew going up n down the river chucking in bait/ground bait feeding up for it. Matt comes over to me as I was packing up asking how it went etc so I showed him. He was a bit gobsmacked and said there should be some good results then. I cracked up when I heard later that the winning net was 4lb odd.

Its a hard place to catch but when that bream shoal is in front of you just keep bunging the ground bait in. Theyre like hoovers. And you dont need fancy expensive groundbait. Just a cheapo coarse white crumb. I get 100lb bags of it from a local Polish bakery pluss they save me all theyre old bread etc so it saves alot of dosh.Ive used every method and bait you could think of down there but my way gets the best results Ive come across.

Give it a go tell me how you get on.

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