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Prague is a stunning place but so are a lot of other historic E Europe countries.

Prague is like a smaller version of Krakow :wink:

Are you sure? The old town in Prague is one of the largest in the world and I visited both but Prague historical centre seemed to be 3 times bigger.

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Hi, I know Prague is bigger than Krakow in both physical size and population, but I have always been under the impresion that the historic sights in Krakow were far bigger.

Having visited both a a fair few occasions with various people, I have taken many guided tours round the historic sights.

Now unless the guides in Prague don't show us round very well etc, then I beleve i have seen the historic sights in Prague, I have still got plenty to see in Krakow.

But maybe thats  down to the guides etc.

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I thought Orava was far more open than Palis photo, I might be wrong.

Its the only castle i know in slovakia so i probably am wrong .


I just like to sound confident in case its right .

I do love a quiz especially geography & history :)

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