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uncaught common


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A nice result from a recent overnighter :D But unfortunately forgot the scales again :(

This fish is a complete unknown for the lake,as none of the other anglers i know have ever seen this fish on the bank . its also the biggest fish to see the bank this year :D

Thinking it may of come close to my english pb ,but we will never know! oh well :D will add some better pics later :D


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good effort mate, well done i rekon at a glance and a random guess.......................................34lb. 4oz :wink:


anyone else for a guess :lol:


Well I'm not exactly experienced, and without weighing it then I wouldn't have a clue, however it HAS to be a high 20 AT LEAST! look at the belly on it!


Beautiful fish! hope I catch one that looks as stunning as that one day :D

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I estimate the fish to be a high twenty. my current pb 27.10. so wud of been close :cry:

Been on a gud run down the lake recently banking loads of mid double commons a mint 10lb koi ,3 low 20s and also testing the pb again with a 26.08 zip linear (this fish also hadnt seen the bank in several years but has reportedly been lost by a couple of the other anglers)

Must be doing something right eh :D

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Beautiful fish mate. I'm be absolutely gutted if I'd forgotten my scales and caught that.


Reckon peeps are being a little mean in estimating it as high 20s. You are holding the fish close to your chest, so the fish isn't made to look falsely big as it would if you were holding the fish out in front of you.


Looking at the size, I'd reckon 34-36.

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