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anybody heard of these guys?


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They produce T1, excellent bait, taking a lot of waters apart. Buy direct as T1 seems to attract about £2.50 a kilo extra in the shops. They used to do free p&p but I believe they've stopped it now.


Definately not some fly by night company, they're getting avery good name, IMHO the best of the smaller operators.


sorry, link removed. gaz

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Baircraft have been around for a few years now fella, they make a good quality lovely smelling bait. i was on the T1 about 4 seasons ago and it produced me some good fish on some tricky waters.


Not sure about the other two they offer the super K and Halo as i have never seen em in the flesh.


The old cow cola is a nice smelling glug as well that goes with the T1.


all in all a decent bait that will hold its own on any venue. if my relashonship with another bait company fell free i would seriously consider geteing back on the baitcraft ! :wink:

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carpbait uk spend most of their time hoofing the bait in waters so other anglers think its the best thing since sliced bread when they catch, just ask the boys on bottle pit, weybread what they did last winter with their tripod and scoop hoofing in kgs after kgs witness by loads of anglers.

if a bait is that good why chuck so much in a water?

its not out catching other baits in fact one of the guys on bottle is top rod, using his own designed bait.

the guy is not hoofing it it either, fishing maybe 2/3 kgs in 3 days at a time.

on his first trip on halls pit he lands a lump on this bait.

i dont doubt it can catch fish but speaking to top anglers who know a thing or two its just an ok bait being hyped up by blind youngsters.

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