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Bunn and Nige do the Severn...


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Thanks again to Nige for another session to remember, as I caught my first two barbel!


We didn't actualy venture out fishing until the Sunday, but when we did eventualy cast out, it was a slow start with a couple of missed bites between us and one lost to Nige. We decided to stay put as there were a few nice spots that were sure to produce eventualy, and given that we'd had some interest we were confident.


After a couple of hours of quiet, we pulled our barbel rods in and gave the float a go, and had a few small chublet, dace and roach between us. At around 5pm I decided to cast my barbel rod back out to the opposite river bank as close to the overhang as possible, and with nothing showing interest to the halibut pellet covered in paste, I tried a couple of other ideas until eventualy I had a bite on arma meshed pellet. Not long later, I had a lovely 6lb barbel in the net! Followed shortly by one of around 4 1/2lb!





We stayed until dark, but nothing else was to come of it. Cheers Nige, fantastic weekend, and thanks to you another species on the list, and one I will be targeting again asap :mrgreen:







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You think? No worries, just over the moon at catching barbel :mrgreen:


mrdevon, I can't offer too much advice as it was my first time out for them myself, I just went for the obvious...casting as close to the snags as possible, and trying a few different baits. Although we kept fairly static, which worked for us eventually, I'd probably try a few different swims throughout the day too.

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Devon - I found some barbel on my local river, the Wear, just down from where I worked, baited up for a few weeks as it was still close season, just feeding about 500g of 4mm halibut pellets with some 8mm red robin pellets in for something new that they wouldnt have seen much of as that part of the river is highly pressured. Most folks were fishing further down in the deeper water but i had seen chub and barbel in about 2 foot of water behind a weed raft, so thats where i concentrated on.


Being in mind I had never fished for barbel and the Wear isnt known for having loads in, I had one out on me first cast after about an hour and a half, just as the light was fading on 2 8mm red robin pellets hair rigged! After that I havent had a sniff since! lol


So I would say its like carp fishing, you have to be on the fish for a chance of catching. Find the fish and a bit of stealthy casting should do the trick!

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