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Help with choosing new rods.

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Hi Guys,


was after a bid of advice I am selling my bait boat so I can upgrade my rods, at the minute I am struggling for any feel in my rods when feeling the leads down, so I am looking for some rods which will improve this side of my fishing aswel as some rods which will help me to get a bit of extra distance at the minute I am just about hitting 90 yards and could do with hitting 100 - 120 yards so I can get on to a feature, I am currently using Daiwa 5000 Emblem Pro's for my reels, so I would prefer to have Daiwa rods and reels but if its going to compomise my fishing then I will take other rods into consideration also my budget is £150 per rod.


Thanks in advance


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my personal advice is to get yourself a set of greys or look on fleabay fo some free spirits,


i have the greys prodigy plus 50's, i got these because i use a flourocarbon mainline and the larger ring noticeably helps, but with a standard mono not even a casting line ive hit 140,


oh and just for the record these are the standard greys prodigy plus 50's in 3lb and i wouldnt say that the rod is a cause for any of the fish ive lost recently i put that all down to bad angling and amatuer mistakes

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