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Supermarket Sweep Baits!

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As there are always younger anglers visiting the forum and asking advice on what baits to use other than the usual boilies and dedicated carp baits I've comprised a list of cheaper, yet very effective alternatives all found in your local supermarket or corner shop



Luncheon meat

Bacon grill

Tinned ham

Corned beef



Sausage meat



Veg & Pulses


Chick peas soaked and boiled

Tinned potatoes


Pet Supplies

Dog biscuits

Cat food

Bird seed (soaked for spod/groundbaiting)









Any tinned fish

Shrimp paste





Additives & Extras

Coconut milk

Chili oil or powder


Food colouring


Will add more as and when I think of them

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the are loads....... nesquik powder makes a great coating for spam/meats,once mixed with a little water,then stick in a bag and into the freezer.



if the was a list for the bait stolen most from your mums kitchen then mine would be cheese.......caught loads using that in my early days

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And then there is the unbranded versions of "proper" bait, classic example would be belachan ( fermented shrimp paste ) cc Moore will sell you a block for twice the price of the exact same product in your local chinease supermarket.


how would you use belachan mate?


mufty :)

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Despite being described as a paste it's sold as a near solid block, it's INCREDIBLY pungent , I have some that I grate into ground baits and also sometimes use as part of a glug ( heat some up with something like fish sauce ( another one from the chinease shop ) , also goes into sone home made boilies


I have not used it as a hookbait on it's own as I suspect it would dissolve too quickly

Plus anything else you can think of


Don't get too carried away though as it's very salty

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Chunks of raw liver are a superb bait for Cats, and also the odd Carp.


Try mixing liquidised liver, liquidised squid (or any other fish come to that) and enough Semolina to bind together, then rolling and boiling :wink:


You could also add egg albumen available from cake makers or weigh and save style stores to it as well.


If you do do so, just keep it quiet as it is a very effective and fairly cheap boilie mix. Don't refreeze, and use within 2 days out of freezer :!:

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A good groundbait that is a mix of particles, rolled maize, peas and some grass pellets is Rabbit Mix. It is available from various Supermarkets like QD, Sainsbury, as well as Pet and Animal feed suppliers, and even many local grocers.


I get through a bit of it and usually end up buying a 1 or 3kilo bag for around £1.65 or £3.


If you can be bothered, the large rounded pellets in the mix float, so can be removed for floater fishing, or left in for an "up and down" mix.


To prepare it is as simple as putting water in to cover about 12hours before you use it, or even just cover in boiling water just before you leave to go fishing.


It gets quite stodgy, so can be used as a Method mix or wetter for a simple groundbait or spod mix.

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Your paying over the odds for the rabbit food then nick! Lol

It's dirt cheap at the local equine/farm store. Also have these pellets there but not sure on using them yet????




I know I am, but I just buy a bag here and there as I want or need it. I don't have the money or storage facilities for massive amounts of bait anymore :(


I'd much prefer to go to Copdock Mill and buy a massive range of pellets, and other bits and pieces.


'Sides, it might be an idea for younger anglers to have an idea of what is available for a couple of quid baitwise if they can't go to these larger warehouses. A couple of quid is affordable, whereas a bag of 400g boilies at £8 isn't.


Add the Rabbit Mix in with sweetcorn, luncheon meat, peperami and you have a very good groundbait.

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In the store by me, you can have a scoop or a thousand scoops, all for the same rate! Just bag it up out of the bins. This goes for a variety of baits like pigeon food, nuts, seeds, the pellets mentioned etc. As you say, you could save so much utilising these. Add to that all the liquid foods and attractors that they sell - the options are limitless!

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I went past a international food market stall today and it had lots of different beans, nut's and pulses. I saw a tub of coconut flavored peanuts that I liked the look of and cow beans that were red pea like things but I have no idea how to cook them, I also like the look of something called fish spice which was ground up dried herbs, spices and fish I think, it smelled potent. I Just thought I would let you all know and was wondering if anybody else had found any good stuff from other parts of the world that they use.

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