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Steve Neville

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Hi guys, i was thinking about getting myself a pair of Steve Neville standard alarms soon, but i decided that i would see how many people have them and what they are like ?

thanks in advance :)


They are tasty little alarms, I have just got the remote ones. I have only used them a couple of times so far. With the remote ones you can either use them with volume out the head, volume out of head and receiver or silent head and volume out of receiver only like the atts system

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I have a set of 3 remote ones with receiver but if I'm honest I like my Fox Ntxr's better,I think the build quality of the nevilles could be better,the battery in the Neville receiver rattles about,I had put something in to stop it,I think for something that costs you £400 you shouldn't have to do that,then there's the problem with the bolt that screws into the banksticks breaking the alarm housing,They are goods alarms but I like there is quality issues that need sorting,I only paid £100 more for my Foxes but they feel like they will last forever

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hi guys,

the neville case tooling was remade about early 2007 by me and we tried to improve on as many aspects of the original that we could but retain all steves features. there are very small differences and i can tell which ones are which. im interested to know if later mouldings are still breaking there or the older ones. the later ones have a small sink mark just below the speaker boss. also all the remote ones will be mk2.



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Just wondering lads how you get on with false beeps with the nevs for example if you can't sink your rod tips? I stopped using mine because any sort of cross wind was driving me insane!


How many mags in the rollers?

I had the same issue until i changed to 2 mag.


It was the 4 mag ones, i have seen plenty of people with their tips on pits without a single false beep yet mine go mental!

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