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Got couple nice One's this Morning


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Well the alarm went of at 4 30 this morning finally got my ass out of bed at 5 had a cuppa tea and bowl cornflakes of i go

and arrive at my usual spot at 5 30 climb on down AND holy cow batman the Carp going nuts in the shallow water and the reeds oh oh the Carp are Mating or Spawning ? hmmm looks like my luck on catching some nice Carp today gone out the window then.


Do they feed and can you Catch Carp when there going crazy like this ? oh well ill give it go anyway some 4 hours later nothing not nimble

so frustrating there Carp Splashing jumping all over the place can almost reach down and touch them , now staring to get really hot to so move to the other side of the bridge into the shade and change my rig to just a hook and some corn and float it on the top. 20 min later bang the line

goes of like a shot here we go at last good fighter he was to. and then just 5 min later Bang here we go again wooosh another fine fight.



And that's it, a fine Morning's fishing i would stayed Longer but it just got to damn HOT . but good Morning at the Office.



6 30 this morning














The Rod



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