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Nash Chain Reaction Bait

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Last night i was watching a Nash tackle DVD promoting their new 2011 range of equipment and bait.. and i know these type of DVDs are geared towards a sale. But they was talking about a new (to me anyway) type of bait called Chain Reaction. This looks really good to me.. high leakage, possibly to hair them and also attach to the rig and most importantly to me makes the need to PVA redundant.


Has anyone used these yet? and if so how did you get on with them? are they as good as Nash claim?

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They say there still a need for PVA and they do rate PVA highly.. but they see this as a new 'edge' because everyone else is using PVA.


I suppose the only way to find out is see how many fish are put on the bank due to it. I kinda like it because if fishing in the rain you dont have to rush the cast.. as the pellets wont melt as quick as PVA.


And also the PVA i buy is just shy of 4 quid.. the pellets i use are around 3-4 quid also so could be a money saver?.. depends on the amount you can get per session i suppose

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Guest keenook

Fair play guys, I hope they work, but you will need to use them over a period of time to give them a chance on your regular waters to compare your results :idea:

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see your point about false bite then mate, might be ok for less stocked or bigger waters then but yesterday i had 3 fish and 2 of them took my bait in less than 10 minutes so i wouldnt use them there. :)



im sure you could speed up the time it takes to break down once cast out by just pre soaking them, a quick dip could still hold for the cast ....maybe :idea::?: .....though its sort of reinventing the method feeder

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Hi Fella's,


Myself and three other boys have been using them for the past 3 weeks. Firstly they come in all the flavours Nash are known for and look/smell the business. Secondly they are very easy to use and make fishing a hell of a lot simpler than PVA and one piece breaks down into a decent amount of bait around your hook bait therefore keeping the cost fair in relation to PVA.


However the breakdown is around the 4-5 minute mark as we have tested both in tanks and lakes we fish (might be faster in the warmer months but seems we have only had one so far this year its hard to tell)


I couldnt say they have increased or decreased the catch rate and to memory we havent had a dropped take (but who actually knows :)


Our vedicts still out but there is definately something about the concept that is worth investing more time into.


Tight Lines.

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