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Red band pigeon conditioner

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I met a bloke on my syndicate the other day who was using red band pigeon conditioner as a spod mix which he had prepared by soaking for twenty four hours and boiling for twenty five minutes. It had a strong aniseedy smell and seemed very carpy. I just wanted to know if anyone had used this, whether it was safe or not or if it had any nuts in it (there is a nut ban on my lake). It's certainly a lot cheaper than my prepared hemp and partimix base that I usually use. Advice would be appreciated.



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use it all the time. I boil it for about an hour (or until the hemp splits) then leave it to sit overnight. It adsorbs a massive amount of water, and ends up as a lovely oily sticky mess which I can put into PVA mesh without any extra (although a little crumb groundbait makes the process cleaner!), Also use it in method mix, ball it into groundbait and throw it into margin swims exactly how it is.


very versatile, cheap and carp love it :)

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its great in the method mix, i also use it a lot, what i do is put boiling water over the ammount i need for the session, leave it for the night then empty any excess water and put another kettle of boiling water and leave it till the next day, its then ready to use, add it to your method mix/ spod mix really good stuff and great fish attractor plus as been said quite cheep

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