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May 2011 catch reports.


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Yeah 23.06 [censored] pic as me camera died and had to use the lads phone :lol:


Was he stood behind you saying "your gonna loose it!" lol


Good start to the bait pal. Had you trickled any in before hand or was that the first time they saw it?

Oh yes he was stood there saying he's going to lose it lol. First time they have seen the bait, gave them a bit more as i left as i'm going down in the morning.
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Had a result this morning, not fished the syndicate for 5-6 weeks since having the big girl. Baited 2 swims on sunday then back on wednesday to fish.

Baby basil at 30lb 3oz and a mint 25lb common






Awesome looking fish there mate, top dangling and photo skills don't you just love carp fishing 8)

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i managed to sneak another one out the brick pits 8) a proper big 20 atlast:D had 30 or 25 and under :roll: .


29-10,a fish known as no pecs(for obvious reasons) last out 3 years ago,and not been seen since,so was good to see.



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