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Nene Valley Baits

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Hi John i co own the company so if you want any further info just drop me a PM.


While the company name is new we have been producing baits for 7 years and have a good following. Loads of people recogise the DSM (bang on baits) as a very hi quality bait which has accounted for loads of fish all over the country, you dont sell it for 7 years if its not up to it.


there are 6 baits, Red fish mix, meat amino, Black Marine, Milky Mino, Scopex and Squid and the Bang On DSM.


You also have the option to customize if you wish to add something you cannot be without. :lol:


The milky Mino has been awsome for us and the reports coming back for that bait are great, based on a milk mix we produced a few years back with a few tweeks which has seen it really take off. Just ask Nige as he done the photos for me on its first outing last october :lol::lol:


All of the baits are made with the same principles, we sell in volume so the prices can be kept very low but we will not compramise the quality of a bait.

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My camera has never taken so many trophy shots in one session! lol

I have been using B5 for a considerable time now and have never been tempted to change; but the more I fish with Jamie and see the results he gets from the baits he produces....???? I have even had a couple on the DSM myself.

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Guest rotory35

yes-i know what you mean there matey, but you,ll get a bit here and there in-between.

send my genuine regards to the boys,



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Think that may own baits are doing ok at the miunte 8)8)8)


If they are doing the business for you and youve got confidence in them then go for it matey, ive used a few different baits from various companys and ive never had the confidence like i have with the DSM and the wafters :)

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I picked my bait package up yesterday from bang on baits and all i can say is excellent, i say this as i used to roll my own baits and have some knowledge and sucess on them as well as my freinds, my best buddy managed a 31lb from elsons :) the service in the shop is second to none, the lads at the shop even came to my rescue when i got lost :shock: whatever your bait needs i know they will cater for, this is definately not a promo for coops, ive chatted with him but never even met the lad, i cant recommend the bait enough,and there off the hook wafters, well enough said, you lads may well be in your infantcy but mainline will be shaking in their boots, im sorry to sound as if ive got my tongue lodged somewhere firmly, but i know my bait and i know these are pukka, cheers team :wink:



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