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Carp reels in Oz. What's your favourite..?

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It seems if you look around the carp fishing scene in Europe, there are more carp fishing reels than you can poke a legering pole at.


My trusty old Shimano 6010 Aero baitrunner has found a new lease on life, but it makes life hard to field a matched setup when you've only got one.


Does anyone have a particularly favourite reel which they use here? It's not like there's much chance to wander into a pub full of carp fishermen and ask to inspect their tackle (if you were that way inclined)


What is everyone using?

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big pit Longcasts baitrunners

10,000 XTE's baitrunners

st 6000 baitrunners

ra6000 baitrunner


I'm a bit of a shimano fan, in case it wasn't obvious. :) To be honest I have imported every one of them as I could buy them new in the UK get the VAT knocked off and airfreight them to Australia for less than I can buy them for here in Australia. The aussie tackle shops want silly money for their reels.

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Yep. Of the several hundred things that I've bought on ebay, I've only been stiffed on two things. One of them was a 6010 Aero baitrunner from the UK. It apparently got "lost in the post" and it was too late to do anything about it with the delays. So I just had to wear that one.

Anyway, this is a thread about what people are using and like.

Shimanos are rather popular. It's just a pity that the Daiwa baitrunners aren't so common.

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Shimano Big LC'S, tough as anything and perfect for all water fishing. I bought mine for 130 quid in the uk and recently bought another. However i checked around in oz and the average asking pirce was $320 to $399! I had them sitting on my door for about $100 cheaper then the lowest asking price!

I also use Ultegra 12000XTA' s as well on my spod and marker set ups. brilliant reel!

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