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Halibut Pellets


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Maybe i newbie question but i have never used them and i don't know any one who has... so i would just like your opinion on using Marine Halibut pellets as a hookbait, i use them a lot for barbel and have had some cracking size's but never considered using them for carp has any one else?

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In answer to your original question. I started fishing last year and have fished on nothing else but hallibutt pellets up until now. I am now using boilies, pop ups etc and experimenting with different baits but for all of the lakes i have fished so far i used hallibutt all the way. I have caught all through the year on hallibutt and infact last sunday had three carp on the bank from a double 12mm pellet on the hair and a bag of 6mm pellets in a pva bag attached to the hook mate.

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