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Talking Of Boilies. . .

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Talking of boilies, after slipping three small packets into the country via Her Majesty's Mail, Customs have now wised up and snaffled my last two shipments, claiming them as 'unrecognised pet food'.

My question being: does anyone know of an Australian supplier of shelf-life boilies?

Sure, I can make my own, but I'd rather spend my time with my rods pointed at the water testing out someone else's.

Yours lazily, kingcrimson

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Maize is basically a larger, harder version of corn.

Carp love it and because it's bigger and firmer than corn it puts off smaller fish from feeding on it.

It's cheap to buy (about 50p per kilo in the UK) and easy to prepare - soak in water for 24 hours, then boil for about half an hour and you've got yourself a cheap carp catching bait.

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