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Bait boats

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Hi to everyone hope your fishing has been going as well as mine just lately. There's been something on my mind for months now, Bait Boats, I'm not in a position to buy one for the prices they go for so decided like many others to make one. I've little experience in building rc vehicles and would like to start a build out of ply but not a clue where to start when it comes to joining the ply together. could someone please help me with the basics in constructing the hull from joining the ply to sealing the joints etc etc. many thanks. :?:oops:

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Have a look on ebay and you will find some decent fibre glass catermaran hulls, for around 50 quid.


If you still feel you want to make a hull then have a look at this

I made one of these a good few years ago now and it's still going strong for a mate.






Not the greatest looking boat I admit, but they are fast, can turn on their axis and the batterys lasted for ages.


Make the hull out of 9mm or 12mm WPB ply. 12mm is easier to work with but does make the boat a little heavier.

Glue and pin the joints with a good quality waterproof glue, ideally cascamite but waterproof pva will do the job. Then silicon the inside of the joints when dry and it's a job done.

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Hi I had a go at building a bait boat, it is not that hard.By far the hardest part was the placing and operating method of the hoppers, if your not too bothered about asthetics then it's not too bad but if you want something that pleasing to the eye, then it's a real brain frazzler.

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